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Saturday 22 October 2011


This tute will show you how to make a super little folder.

2 pieces of mountboard 10 x 15 cm each
2 pieces of card 9 x 14 cm each
1 piece of paper for the cover 23 x 18 cm
One strip of paper (same as cover) 6 x 15 cm
1 piece of paper for inside front cover 11 x 16
4 pieces of paper for the pockets 13 x 17 cm each
2 lengths of ribbon approx’ 20 cm each.

Step 1.
Take the largest piece of paper and place both pieces of mountboard on the back of it. Make sure that you leave at least 1 cm between the two or the folder won’t close properly. Stick the mountboard to the paper.

Step 2.
Mitre the corners and turn each edge over and stick down to the inside. Take the 6 x 15 cm strip and attach this over the centre. Make sure the glue is right up to the edges, especially at the top and bottom.

Step 3.
Turn over to the right side and do any inking or stamping that you want to do. It’s much easier to do this now while the folder is still flat.

Step 4.
Take the 4 pieces of 13 x 17 cm papers and fold each one in half across the width so you have 4 pieces measuring 13 x 8½ cms.

Step 5.
Choose one of these four pieces and slip it over the top of one of the 9 x 14 cm bits of card.

Step 6.
Glue this to the card front and back and bend the side edges over to the back and stick down. You may need to put a weight on to hold it. With the other 3 pieces, glue them together so each piece is double thickness.

Step 7.
Now, take one of the 3 pieces and apply glue or DST along the bottom raw edge and the sides. Place this over the already stuck down piece (make sure the fold is towards the top) but further down. Stick this in place, bending over the excess to the back as in the previous step.

Step 8.
Repeat this step with the other two pieces of paper and you will end up with 3 pockets. If you use glue instead of DST then you will definitely need to weight it, as it’s getting quite thick at this stage. Now ink around the edges if you want to.

Step 9.
Once your pocket piece is dry, attach it to the right side of the inside of your folder.

Step 10.
Take the piece of 11 x 16 cm paper and the other bit of card and cover this as in step 2. Ink your edges and do any stamping that you want to do now.

Step 11.
Take a piece of ribbon and attach it to the back of the card at one end, up near a corner. Bring the ribbon down on the diagonal and as tightly as you can, attach to the opposite side near the bottom corner. Do the same with the second piece of ribbon but in the other direction.

Step 12.
Attach this piece to the left side of the folder.

Now you can pop whatever you like in the pockets and attach any other embellishments to the front. I used images from Debbie’s Steampunk range, available from THE CRAFTY PAD DESIGNS. The ones I used inside were printed onto Letraset’s Safmat and attached at the end. The ones on the front were printed onto the same paper as the cover, cut out, inked and attached with 3D foam pads. My papers are from the huge pad by MME 'Complete Boy' and my stamps are Bitsy Lotus from Basic Grey.

So there you are. A simple and fairly quick to make project that you can use for many different things and of course, it would make a lovely gift for somebody, especially with some photos or thoughtful verses in the pockets.

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Crafty Loops said...

WOW!!!! I love this, absolutely incredible. Thank you so much for sharing. Lee x