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Saturday 28 July 2012


I've been keeping my distress ink pads in a plastic storage box, but got fed up having to take them all out to find the colour I wanted. Yesterday, I sat down and made this.

As with all my stuff, it's really easy to make and all you'll need is some mountboard or strong cardstock, papers and or paint and your normal tools.

You need to decide how big you want your unit and the main thing to consider is how many ink pads in a row. If making this for distress ink pads like mine, I wouldn't suggest more than 3 or your shelves may bend in the middle. You may decorate it before it's all put together or afterwards. I painted my shelves before decorating the outside to allow for any necessary trimming and then papered it when it was all together.

1. First get yourself a bit of mountboard and keep this for the back.

You will also need a top, a base, two sides and your shelves.

If you use inkpads other than distress inkpads then you will have to work out your own measurements (easy enough) but all I can do is give you the measurements for 33 distress ink pads. Cut enough shelves for whatever amount of inkpads you'll be using.
Sides: 255mm x 80mm
Top & Base: 248mm x 80mm
Back: 310mm x 248mm
Shelves: 280mm x 65mm.

2. Put your shelves together first. Take each shelf and score at 2cm from each end. Be very careful here if using mountboard - you want to be able to fold without breaking through. Fold over each of the ends and attach the first shelf level with the bottom of the sides. The shelves are not as deep as the sides, thereby allowing easy access to grab the ink pads, so make sure to glue them leaving the extra space at the FRONT of the sides.

Each of the folded ends should touch the top of the previous shelf.

Continue until all your shelves are in place.

3. Attach your base and top by putting strong glue along the top and bottom edges of the sides and holding in place until it grabs. I use good old packing tape for extra hold too.

4. Run a small amount of glue along the back edge of each shelf and also along the edges of the top, bottom and sides and then press your back into place. You can use more tape to help you hold it in place. When it's dry, stick your papers in place.

Add any other decoration that you wish.
To decorate my flourish, I painted it with Wedgewood Blue acrylic paint to match my shelves, brushed a thin coat of picket fence crackle paint on in a few places. When dry, I inked with brushed corduroy and then put a medium coat of clear crackle paint on.

Finally, print off some labels, stick on and put your pads into your shelving unit.

There you are..simple eh? I'd love to see yours if you make one.


Eileen said...

Brilliant Lorraine.... I am like you were... digging in a box to find the colour I want... might just have to try this.
Eileen x

Tincan Crafter said...

You are my favourite person today - firstly I was totally thrilled when you personally welcomed me to your blog and then you came by mine and left a cool comment. Thank you so much. I love this little organiser - I could do with one of those - I have my inkpads kinda all jumbled together in plastic boxes! This is way prettier!

Deborah Wainwright said...

Wow this great - I've been looking for some storage can't wait to have a go

Anonymous said...

Just fabulous.

Moira xx