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Wednesday, 22 July 2009


A bit different this one, but quite nice.
Take two pieces of mountboard or heavy cardstock sized 6 1/8th x 3 inches. Cover these with paper of your choice, but make sure the paper is large enough to fold inside. (I glued 2 bits of card together for each cover to make them stronger). Mitre your corners and stick it down.

Cut a piece of black paper (or colour of your choice) that is 8 x 2 inches. Mark a line 1/2 inch in from each side. Place your book covers, insides facing, centrally and against the lines. Glue in place. This will be your spine.

Fold the overhang to the inside and glue in place. Rub gently with a bone folder to crease the top and bottom edges, and down the edges of the book covers.

Now, to make your pages. Take 8 or 10 pieces of 6 inch square paper. Fold 4 (5) of them in half, with the right sides together. Put aside.
Take the other 4 (5) and fold in half with the wrong sides together. Open these up and with the wrong side facing up, fold diagonally corner to corner, and then the other corner to corner. Make sure the creases are sharp and then push them together to give you triangle shapes with the folds inside.

Open these out and decorate how you please. Stamp, or stick images, text, anything you like. Be careful if you choose anything bulky as it will interfere with the folds. (You can decorate them before you fold them, but if you use heat embossing, be careful it doesn't crack when you fold. By folding first, you can see exactly where you can place your deco's.)
When you have them decorated, fold them up again then attach and glue one each of the triangles into one each of the sheets that were folded right sides together. Make sure that you line the edges up carefully. When all the triangles are glued inside the pages, glue each of the pages together.

If you want to attach a fastening to your book, do this now. I opened mine flat and attached a cord right across the centre. Now, glue the pages to the front and back of the book. Place them centrally, but also make sure that the book closes.

If you want to put any more embellishments on the covers, you can do that now. Your book is finished.


Anonymous said...

The minute i see you've got a new post i generally rush over here, even though i haven't posted a comment to say thanks til now, i adore your posts. Thanks!

Christina Hicks said...

I love love love to make mini books and I am always on the hunt to find a new one, this is just awesome, thanks so much for the tutorial!!