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Tuesday, 4 August 2009


This little book is made from one A4 sheet of paper. Using just one sheet makes a lovely little gift, but you can use more than one and make multiple pages for something more substantial.

STEP 1. Fold a sheet of A4 paper in half, open it, turn over and fold each edge into the centre.

Step 2. Fold the 4 corners in to meet the valley folds.

Step 3. Now fold the outsides in to meet the middle.

Step 4. Turn the paper over and fold the bottom up – making sure you leave a bit at the top about ¼ inch deep.

Step 5. Fold the ¼ inch over and tuck into the corners. You may glue this if you wish, use DST or just leave it loose.

Step 6. With the folded over top inside, fold in half, and your tag pockets are complete.

I like to make a template and mark each part. This means that when you make your proper one, you will know exactly which pieces are what for decorating. This is especially useful if stamping and need to work on a flat sheet of paper.

Decorate as it is or make a cover from card. You will have four sloping pockets and 2slit pockets down the side. If you choose, you can also make extra internal pages. I attached my pages with brads down the spine, but you can use ribbon or another type of binding.


Maria said...

oh I dont think Ive seen this one... I must have a go at this.

Joyce Ann said...

Great tutorial! I've created my template and I'm ready to make more. Thank you.