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Tuesday, 4 August 2009


You can make your own backgrounds by embossing waxed paper. You may have to experiment with your card as some work better than others.

1. Load up your cuttlebug as normal and using a sheet of waxed paper in your folder instead of card, emboss it. (you may need a shim to get a good impression).

2. Heat a DRY iron to hot. If you have a steam iron, turn the steam off. Put the wax paper onto your chosen cardstock and cover with a sheet of scrap copy paper. Iron over this until you see the wax pattern appear on your scrap.

3. Quickly peel the wax paper off your card and then cover your card with a DYE ink of your choice. I like my distress inks. If you have a good card, you should see the design appear.

4. When your card is covered, take a piece of kitchen towel and rub off the excess ink.

You now have a background to use that will match your chosen embossing folder.


thriftycrafter said...

Gorgeous, I need to do this, great tutorial, Karelyn

Karen said...

Oh Lorraine, what a good idea, I love the effect you get too, something I'll have to have a go at, get the wax paper first though.... lol.
Thanks for sharing.

Paper Bagley said...

Wax off...wax on...nice idea, thanks for sharing. Thanks for your comment also. Learning as I go...Tootsie